About region

    The Roztocze region lies in Lubelski and Podkarpacki provinces (voivodships) in south-east Poland. It consists of a range of low hills about 180km long and 15-25km wide stretching from Kraśnik (Poland) to Lvov (Ukraine). The major part of this range (110km long) is located in Poland and the remainder in Ukraine. The Roztocze is divided into the following geological zones: the Western loess zone, the Central zone of limestone and sand and the limestone Eastern Roztocze which mainly lies in Ukrainian territory. The highest points in the individual areas in Roztocze are: Dąbrowa , 344m above m.s.l. (Western); Wapielnia, 386m above m.s.l. (Central) and the so called Vysokyi Zamok (High Castle) 409m above m.s.l. in L’viv in Eastern Roztocze. The distinctive feature of the Roztocze landscape is the extensive area of forest. While the forest in Western Roztocze only takes up 10% of its territory, the forest covers over 40% of the surface in Central Roztocze, whereas in Eastern Roztocze it covers 60% of the surface. The average forest cover in Poland is 28.4%.

    Roztocze is situated on the watershed between the Baltic and the Black Sea with the majority of rivers and streams flowing north to the Baltic. The valuable natural environment has resulted in the establishment of various environmental designations.

    In Poland one finds the Roztocze National Park (8480ha) (www.roztoczanskipn.pl), Szczebrzeszynski Landscape Park (http://spk01.webpark.pl ), Krasnobrodzki Landscape Park, Southern Roztocze Landscape Park (http://www.parkiprz.itl.pl/?msgid=9&show_content=7) , also the Solska Forest Wilderness Landscape Park. In addition there are a number of nature reserves and natural monuments.

    In the Ukrainian part of Roztocze there is the Yavorivski National Nature Park (7078ha), the Roztochya National Nature Reserve and the Ravskyi Landscape Park.The Roztocze trans-border Biosphere Reserve is currently in the process of designation in order to protect the natural and cultural heritage of the area.
At the same time it is worth noting that a large part of the Ukrainian Roztocze is occupied by a Military Training Area.
    Roztocze is visited by approximately 500,000 tourists annually. The principal tourist centres are L’viv and Zhovkva in Ukraine and Zwierzyniec, Krasnobród , Susiec and Horyniec Zdrój in Poland. Zamość, though nearly 10km beyond the geographical boundary of Roztocze, also forms a major centre indivisibly associated with it.
    The natural, cultural and historical, resources of Roztocze offer great opportunities for promoting tourism development and attracting people who are interested in different aspects of life.

The trans-border location of Roztocze.
    The region lies on the territory of two states: Poland and Ukraine. Unfortunately the external border line of the European Union is unfriendly to tourists. Different sorts of informal customs duties are still demanded by the Ukrainian border control service. The kind of procedure directly depends on the kind of border crossing. Individual tourists are constantly at risk of waiting for a long time in a queue. Therefore it is desirable that tourists should go on excursions organized by reliable tourist agencies.